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I am a third year resident in obstetrics and gynecology. I am learning how to offer care that respects human dignity, as natural law and the Catholic Church encourage me to do. This includes care of the whole person (with attention to social, psychological, and spiritual needs), fertility-awareness or "natural" methods of family planning, avoidance of artificial contraceptives except for medical purposes in infertile women, avoidance of primary sterilization, and refusal to intentionally hasten or cause death in any patient, born or unborn.

I have a bachelor of arts in liberal arts from Thomas Aquinas College. I grew up in a Catholic home and have six siblings. By the example of my faithful, Catholic parents and the example of others, God prepared me to receive a call to consecrated virginity lived in the world, according to canon 604 of Canon Law.

This blog chronicled my four years of medical school and will continue to catalog my experience in residency. Thank you for reading, and please pray for me!

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