Brief About

I am a third year resident in obstetrics and gynecology. I am learning how to offer care that respects human dignity, as natural law and the Catholic Church encourage me to do. This includes care of the whole person (with attention to social, psychological, and spiritual needs), fertility-awareness or "natural" methods of family planning, avoidance of artificial contraceptives except for medical purposes in infertile women, avoidance of primary sterilization, and refusal to intentionally hasten or cause death in any patient, born or unborn.

I have a bachelor of arts in liberal arts from Thomas Aquinas College. I grew up in a Catholic home and have six siblings. By the example of my faithful, Catholic parents and the example of others, God prepared me to receive a call to consecrated virginity lived in the world, according to canon 604 of Canon Law.

This blog chronicled my four years of medical school and will continue to catalog my experience in residency. Thank you for reading, and please pray for me!


  1. Hello!

    I am a Catholic med student as well and found this blog while I was stalking the internet to figure out how to begin incorporating the Divine Office into my life during med school! Thank you so much for this testament to our faith. I'm writing a similar blog, started my first year as well. And I am so happy I'm not alone in this journey.

    1. Hi Paula! It is good to hear from you and good to hear that you want to pray the Divine Office. I recommend iBreviary, the app for iOS. You are never alone, there are many on earth trying to build an interior life in med school and residency, and there are "a great cloud of witnesses" that we can rely on in the Church Triumphant. I highly recommend the Catholic Medical Association conferences for encouragement and mentorship, so that you can meet others who are trying to become physician-saints. Where do you blog?

  2. Hi Paula ... Google “Sister, Soldier, Surgeon” ... if you are interested in meeting Sr. Dede, I’d be happy to connect you with her ... just email me at Definitely join the CMA. They are arguably one of the most faithful Catholic organizations in the U.S. ... bar none.

  3. Hello Anonymous! Sr. Dede's life is amazing and full of discipline and love, how great to read about her! I have been a CMA member since 2008 and love it. I am so grateful that you came to read the blog and hope we can pray for each other. (And, just for clarity: Paula is the name of the person who posted above, not my name. Not sure what you meant, but I wanted to be clear.)